For old roofs that are beyond economical repairs, we would propose to replace the old tiles with new tiles either from Germany, France or Italy.

Projects completed includes government owned colonial houses that are occupied by the US Forces in Singapore, SAF Army Camps and many residential houses.

Old roof tiles will be stripped from the roof together will any old aluminium foil and fiberglass. Any damaged timber battens will be replaced with new tenalised battens.

A new sets of wire mesh, 16kg/50mm3 of fiberglass and double sided aluminium foil will be laid over the timber rafter before the timber battens are secured. Special attentions are paid to areas like valley gutters and dorma where many non specialist roofers do not design them correctly thereby causing many of the leaking problems.

Selected roofing tiles and its accessories will then be laid to complete the re-roofing works.

For an average sized terrace houses, an old roof could be replaced within two days.

MVM provides a year warranty against leaking and the tile supplier normally provides a 10 years warranty against manufacturing defects for the tiles.

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Similarly, old metal roofs and asbestos roofs that are beyond economical repairs will be replaced with new colorbond metal roofs from Bluescope Lysaght. Projects completed include 7 th Day Adventist Church in Jurong, the Nativity Church in Serangoon, US Navy warehouses in Singapore etc

Old metal roofs and insulation materials will be removed in stages while new wire mesh, double sided aluminium foils and required density of fiberglass will be laid prior to installing the new metal roofing sheets.

Removal and disposal of asbestos roof will fully comply to Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Environment’s requirement.

For existing metal roof, whatever that are removed in the day will be replaced with the new materials on the same day and no roof areas will be left open during the night.

Details like metal capping, flashings and gutters will be installed accordingly.

A range of colour and profiles ranging from Trimdek, Spandek and Klip-lok are available to suite the customer’s budget.

Wind driven ventilators will then be installed as per customer’s requirement.

Bluescope Lysaght provides a 10 years warranty on all its metal roofing sheets.

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